Why Compliments Don’t Help You Attract A Woman

“You are so beautiful…” It seems like saying “nice” things to someone would be a good thing… So, why doesn’t it help you when it comes to dating a woman? That’s what today’s topic is all about: Compliments and their effect on your dating life. And we’ll get to that in just a second…

They don’t make a woman more interested in you and they can actually destroy attraction if you’re not careful. Why is that and what should we do about it?

Why compliments don’t help you attract a woman…

There are a few reasons why compliments DO NOT help you attract a woman:

1. Women have been taught from an early age that you’ll say anything to get with them..

So, they tend to read your ACTIONS a lot more than your words. If you think she’s an awesome person, ask her open-ended questions to get to know her better, ask her out, go for a kiss, etc. <==These actions SHOW her that you like her vs. telling her with your mouth. You don’t have to tell her.

2. A compliment can actually be seen as an invasion of privacy.

If you’re from the UK, you might have an understanding of this concept already (see this TEDx Talk about American vs. British politeness if you want. It’s interesting)… Here’s why a woman might feel like you’re invading your privacy when you compliment her even if that’s not your intention: If you just met her or you’re on your first, second, or third date with her, then you don’t really know her very well yet.

So, if you’re very attracted to her and your interest in her is very high, you might PROJECT all kinds of positive qualities onto her, but that doesn’t mean that she actually has them.

You simply don’t know if she’s really that amazing yet. And, even if she isamazing, you can’t possibly be completely sure about it and you don’t know all the specific things that make her uniquely awesome yet. And, as a woman, she understands this because she’s trying to get to know you over a longer period of time to see if she should be interested in you or not.

<==I highly recommend stealing this approach to dating… 

So, when you tell her how amazing she is, how smart she is, how caring she is, how capable she is, etc. on the first date, in the back of her mind she's thinking, "How do you KNOW that? We don't even know each other yet…"  Click To Tweet

Or, she thinks, “Obviously, he just thinks I’m hot…he’s trying to tell me all about myself when he doesn’t even know me very well.”   And it doesn’t make her feel good… In fact, it usually makes her feel a little sick to her stomach. Which probably isn’t what you’re going for. =)

3. It puts her on a pedestal that shows her that she can’t see you as an equal or look up to you.

If you constantly shower a woman with compliments, that just shows her that you think she’s WAY “above” you. And, for a woman to be attracted to you and fall in love with you, she has to be able to see you as an equal or someone she can look up to. So, when you over-compliment her, you destroy her ability to admire you, which destroys her attraction to you.

 While you're trying to make her feel good, what actually makes her feel good is gaining the interest of a high-quality, high-value man that she can look up to. Click To Tweet

And complimenting her too much just makes her feel nauseous. And the same thing goes when you start texting her compliments (don’t do that…) or texting her things like: “Good morning beautiful…” You’re just trying to say hi and make her feel good. But it doesn’t. And it definitely doesn’t make her more interested in you. So don’t start texting her stuff like that (ever)… Now, all of this doesn’t mean that you should never compliment a woman…

 And, on the other side of this, you don’t want to put her down either… So, how should you handle complimenting a woman so it doesn’t backfire on you? First of all:

LIMIT yourself to ONE genuine compliment per date.

It’s okay to give a woman ONE compliment each time you take her out. If you stick to this rule, you’ll be fine as long as the compliment you give her is genuine and is NOT about her body parts/sexuality. So, you can say something like, “You look very nice today Amy…” and it won’t have a negative effect on her interest in you as long as you move the interaction forward and don’t give her any more compliments on your date with her. On the other hand, “You have amazing tits…” probably won’t go over as well .Some women, in some circumstances, will love this one haha.

In general, compliment her on something you genuinely appreciate about her and don’t make it about her body. ONE time per date.  Secondly: Use SEEM, TODAY, and RIGHT NOW… For example, “You seem like a really cool girl…” is MUCH better than, “You’re a really cool girl…” And, “You look amazing right now…” is MUCH better than “You look AMAZING!!!” Make sense? 

Telling a woman she seems like a capable woman on the first date is NOT an invasion of privacy because you’re saying that you think that about her so far but you’re not saying that you’re completely sure about it yet. So, when you compliment a woman, use seem, today, and right now to soften the message and make it more palatable to her. 

And then lastly, Instead of complimenting her, playfully challenge her. For example, “You seemlike such a cool person…it’s a good thing I’m not attracted to you at all or we would be in serious trouble ;-)” is MUCH better than, “Listen, I just want to tell you that you are SO beautiful and amazing…” 

Let’s break it down: When you just tell her that she IS beautiful and amazing, it’s final. You’re already completely convinced that she’s incredible. There’s nothing left for her to show you… There’s nothing more you want to know about her… She has no opportunity to respond or show her more of herself… It’s heavy and serious… And she has no way to look up to you when you say something like that.

On the other hand, when you tell her that you like something about her AND that you’re not attracted to her at the same time (playfully – smile with your eyes so she knows you’re teasing her) or that you’re NOT SURE about her completely yet at the same time, it’s the opposite:

 You like her so far but it’s not FINAL yet… You’re not completely convinced… She can still show you some more awesome things about herself that you might also appreciate about her… You still want to get to know her more and discover more about her… She has the opportunity to respond to what you said and she can show more of herself to you if she wants… She can play back at you if she wants… 

It’s light and playful… And, she can look up to you when you say something like that. In other words, you’re INVOLVING HER in the process. And, not only does this make her feel like she’s earning your interest (which is what she wants), it also shows her that you’re trying to find out if you should be interested in her because of who she is as a person; not just because you think she’s good-looking.

Horizontal shot of two female and male best friends express different emotions, pose together against white blank wall. Cheerful young woman and puzzled unshaven male indicate at each other.

And remember: Women understand that playful teasing is flirting…

It’s light and fun while compliments are heavy and sappy. So save the syrup for your Sunday morning pancakes and playfully tease a woman instead of smothering her with compliments. And then, if you accidentally compliment a woman more than once on a date, just follow it up with a playful challenge to soften the effect.

And, by the way, if you don't compliment a woman too much, she might compliment you, which is a very strong indicator of interest.. Click To Tweet

And here’s the best part about this.If you limit yourself to ONE compliment per date and playfully tease a woman, you’re much more likely to see a lot more indicators of interest from her than if you compliment her too much because she will actually become more interested in you instead of losing interest in you. This one little adjustment can go a long way.

So, instead of giving women lots of compliments, control yourself and give women what actually makes them feel good instead: Earning YOUR INTEREST over time by being a great woman. And playful teasing of course Click To Tweet

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