PROOF: You should ONLY take women on INEXPENSIVE first dates

was going to talk about touching women on dates in today’s post . However, I decided to switch gears when I saw an article that quoted a study that showed that up to 1/3 of women go out with men TO GET FREE FOOD… They even came up with a name for it: “foodie calls…” So, I thought this topic was important enough that we should talk about today. Now, I talk about the idea that women go out with men for many different reasons, including wanting a free meal, all the time… And yet it’s still very interesting when more proof comes along. So, we’ll talk about touching next time. 

For today, let’s dive deeper into the topic of why women go on dates with men so you can protect yourself from women who might want to use you and so you can be more successful with women who don’t want to take advantage of you at the same time. Here’s the thing: In almost ALL cases, a man goes out with a woman for ONE reason: He’s interested in her… On the other hand,

A woman goes out with a man for thousands of different reasons, only ONE of which is that they are actually interested in HIM. Click To Tweet

  • For example, a woman might go out with you simply because she’s bored… 
  • Or because she wants to make another guy jealous… Or because she hasn’t been on a date for 5 months and just wants to spend a little time out with someone… 
  • Also because she’s looking for someone to help her take care of her kids… Or because she wants a work permit and residency in your country…
  •  And because she really likes the band you ask her to go see with you… Or because, like this study shows, she wants a FREE MEAL. 

Now, of course, there are plenty of women who would never do anything like this. However, many women will. So, you have to protect yourself, your time, your money, and your emotions from women like that.  It’s a jungle out there so it’s not a good idea to leave home without a machete just in case.  

MORE PROOF: You should only take women on INEXPENSIVE first dates(especially if you’re rich)…

And how can you protect yourself from these women? 

Well, as I say in the headline,

you must take women out for inexpensive or free dates for the first date (actually, the first 3 dates shouldn't be breaking your bank). Click To Tweet

Yes, even if you’re rich and can easily afford it. Actually, this is especially important if you have a lot of money. Why? Because, as you know if you’ve been around here for a while, FEMALE INTEREST is the number one factor in a romantic relationship… If a woman’s not interested in YOU, you will have problems in your relationship with her guaranteed. And the higher her interest in you climbs the better your relationship with her will be. So, you have to

make sure a woman is interested in YOU and that she doesn’t have some other agenda for going out with you

And you can do that by taking women out for inexpensive or free dates. For example,

a woman who is interested in YOU will be happy to meet you for a coffee for a first date… Click To Tweet

She’ll be happy to go on a hike and have a picnic for your second or third date… She’d love to meet you for a happy hour and have one or two (discounted) drinks… And she won’t mind going to a free concert festival in the park for your third or fourth date.

She wants to spend time with YOU.

 On the other hand, a woman with an AGENDA will not like any of those dates very much. So, you can weed out women like that just by suggesting them. And, if you have money, it’s even more important to protect yourself by doing exactly that.

Listen, the kind of woman that you WANT to be in a relationship with or that you WANT to marry will not be impressed by you spending money on her extravagantly.  In fact, a woman like that will be repulsed if she thinks you're… Click To Tweet

And then you’re really in for it later. So you never win if you take women out for expensive first or second dates and you always win if you take women out for inexpensive first and second dates. <==Read 2X… 

And here’s one last thing for today: You should always expect to pay for all of your dates… Just do it without making her aware of the cost and do it like it’s no big deal.  Because it’s not. If she offers to pay for her part or even all of the date, politely decline and then just pay for it. If she insists that she wants to pay a second time, go ahead and let her pay. Otherwise, plan on paying. It’s just part of the “cost of doing business” when it comes to dating for men.

 And that’s another reason why you should only take women on inexpensive or free first and second dates: You want to be able to go on tons of them if necessary without hurting your bank account and wasting your time on women with an agenda.

  Remember:  Good women won’t mind and will actually be more attracted to you than if you tried too hard to impress them and the bad ones will run away to the next guy they can take advantage of (good riddance!)… So don’t let these women use you; only let the good ones into your life. Keep your eyes open instead of being blinded by your own high interest in a woman… Because sometimes beauty hides ugliness below the surface. Alright, I’ll be back next week with a newsletter about touching women on dates.  I promised you that one a long time ago so I’m looking forward to it! 

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