Do Women Really Want Men With Money?

“If I was a millionaire/billionaire I could get almost any woman I wanted!” And: “Well, she’s only into that guy because he has money…” These are two extremely common thoughts men have that highlight a very powerful belief floating around out there: 

Women want men who have money.

 Well, is that belief really true or is it just a myth? How do your finances play into your success with women? Let’s find out…

Do women want men with money?

First of all, let me ask you a question: Do you ever think that having more money would be nice? Well, obviously, almost everyone would like to have more money. So, yes, all women are at least somewhat attracted to money itself at some level just as all of us are…

 I mean, money makes our lives better and research shows that the more money we make, up to about $75K USD per year, the more satisfied we are with life (after that it doesn’t have much of an effect on how happy we are). 

So, of course, if you make $100K per year it’s much easier for a woman to create a good life with you than it is if you’re dead broke. On the other hand, here’s something that might surprise you:

 Many of my top readers are extremely wealthy. Some of my clients are CEO’s, I-bankers from wall street, tech company founders, doctors, lawyers, top psychologists, actors, athletes, etc. And a lot of them thought that having a lot of money would get them women but it didn’t. Some of them just want to figure out how to tell if a woman wants him or his money. And some of them got attached to a gold-digger who took them for a ride and now they want to make sure that doesn’t ever happen again. So what gives? What’s the truth about attraction and money? 

Well, here's the thing: Money does not make a woman attracted to a man.Ever. Click To Tweet A woman might be attracted to a man's money, but that's not the same thing as her being attracted to HIM. <==Read 3X.. Click To Tweet

 And that’s why a lot of the gold-digging wives of wealthy men cheat on them with men they actually desire who are more dominant with them and make them feel real attraction for a man

Remember: There's a HUGE difference between a woman wanting YOU and wanting YOUR MONEY. Click To Tweet

 So, having a lot of money does not make women want you… In fact, because your bank balance is external to you, it can’t ever make a woman want you. It’s simply not part of who you are as a man. 

On the other hand, the internal qualities that helped you get a lot of money can be extremely attractive to women.

 Imagine the moment a woman first sees you from across the room… Here’s the thing: She can’t see your bank account or your net worth unless you’re rich and famous enough that she could have googled it before going out that day or you’re trying really hard to show off your wealth.

 So, if she’s attracted to you, it’s not because of your bank balance. And then, when she starts talking to you, she gets more attracted to you when she starts to see your attractive internal qualities through the way you interact with her, not because you have money. 

And that means that while

some women might sleep with or be with a guy because of his money (or because he pays her money directly), that doesn't mean she WANTS to sleep with him or be with him. Click To Tweet

Her desire for HIM and her desire for MONEY are not related.

Real feelings of attraction and love are NEVER based on money.

And those real feelings inside her are what most of us really want at the end of the day. Otherwise we would all just hire professional escorts instead of looking for a girlfriend or wife to share our lives with. And that’s why having money doesn’t work: It can’t create or amplify those true feelings. 

On the other hand,

a woman doesn't want to be with an unemployed guy either (unless her feelings for him are already high when this situation comes up). She would prefer the version of you that has a steady job to the version of you that doesn't… Click To Tweet

Why? Well, think about it from her perspective for a second: She thinks (consciously or subconsciously):  

“What will my life be like for the next 50 years if I commit to this guy? Will it be pretty easy and fun or will every day be a struggle?And even more importantly, what if I get pregnant with this guy? Will my kids have enough to eat and be well taken care of? Will they be able to go to private school? What kind of life will they have if I decide to be with this guy?” 

So, it’s all fun and games until a committed relationship and children enter the picture. And that’s why a 28-year-old woman might be sexually attracted to the hot 23-year-old bartender and hook up with him but she probably won’t get into a relationship with him. And it’s why

a woman who wants to get married will often choose to be with a guy who has money even if she doesn’t have feelings for him: She wants the lifestyle he can provide for her and her children; she doesn’t want HIM. 

Now, most women are not gold-diggers and many women cannot be with a guy just for his money, but a lot of women can.

 So here’s how it works for the women you really want to be with (women who are actually interested in YOU, not gold-diggers and users): They want to be with YOU. And, when they find out that you have money, it’s a great BONUS for them. And if you go through a period of financial difficulties they won’t leave you immediately; they’ll try to help you. 

On the other hand, almost all women would find it ideal to be with a man who they’re extremely attracted to, deeply in love with, and who makes a decent living doing something he enjoys. 

<==This is the ideal we want to shoot for

So, while having money doesn't make women attracted to you, it allows women who are attracted to you to commit to you more easily. Click To Tweet

And here’s the thing: As we touched on earlier, your income does play a part in your life satisfaction. So, while I would never encourage anyone to spend 80 hours a week grinding away your life doing a job you hate, here’s what I do think we should all do:

Create a lifestyle that you enjoy for yourself; then share that lifestyle with a woman who deserves it.

And take a woman on free or inexpensive dates for at least your first three dates with her no matter how much money you have. Make sure that she’s there because she’s interested in YOU and doesn’t have some other agenda. And don’t brag about how wealthy you are…

 If you're rich, let her discover that you have money on her own over time so that she's pleasantly surprised by it. <==This is how you attract a woman who's there for the right reasons.  Click To Tweet

For example, if you have an amazing, gigantic house and you don’t talk about it or your wealth on your first three dates with her and then she comes over to your house after your third date and she’s surprised when she discovers how awesome it is when you get there.

You will get HUGE points with her because you could have bragged and you didn’t and you could have tried to use your wealth to attract her and you didn’t. So now she’s attracted to YOU and she sees that you’re doing well for yourself. <==She’s thinking, “I would have been with him anyway…this is such an incredible BONUS! Wow…”

On the other hand, if you take women out on expensive dates, buy them gifts, take them shopping, etc. you will attract gold-diggers who want your money and push away good women who want YOU.

 And we don’t want that; we want women who are there for YOU and think your money is a nice bonus. And that’s what I help my wealthy clients with. So if making a lot of money doesn’t make women more attracted to YOU, what does actually work? 

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