Are All Women Truly the Same?

There’s this idea floating around out there in certain circles that all women are the same… The idea even has an acronym: AWALT; which stands for “all women are like that…” So, is this idea true? And what does it mean for you and your dating life whether it’s true or not? That’s what we’re going to dive into today… Should be fun! So here we go

Are all women the same?

Are “all women like that?” Well, the truth about this, like many truths in life, is a PARADOX… So, the answer is yes AND no. There are two sides to this truth and both of them are important when it comes to your dating and relationship success. Here’s what I mean:

1. All psychologically stable, heterosexual women respond to the same inputs when it comes to attraction and love.

And, when you start to think that a particular woman is special and you STOP doing the things that work when it comes to attracting and keeping a woman, that’s when you’re in grave danger of losing her. Because, again, when it comes to romance, women respond to the same inputs.

So, just because you have extremely high interest in a woman does NOT mean that she's "different" from other women when it comes to attraction and love. Click To Tweet

She’s not.  The more you understand and accept this concept, the better you will do. So, I encourage you to embrace this beautiful truth right now if you haven’t already. On the other hand… All women are NOT the same. Of course they’re not: Obviously, different women have different tastes, preferences, personalities, values, and lifestyles. And, most importantly:

2. Some women would make a good choice for a long-term partner for you while some women would not.

Listen, a woman must have certain characteristics if you’re going to be happy in a long-term relationship with her. Period. And some women have them right now while others do not. And what makes a woman a good choice for you or not? It comes down to the following factors :  First of all, she must be interested in you and available. If she’t not interested in you, she has a boyfriend or husband already, or she lives too far away, etc. then she cannot be the right woman for you. Then, assuming she is interested in you and available, she must be GREATT:

(G) Giving… (R) Responsible… (E) Emotionally Stable (not neurotic)… (A) Agreeable (vs. stubborn, hard-headed, and inflexible)… (T) Trustworthy (high integrity and loyal)… (T) Trusting (she is able to trust you)…

The more she has these particular qualities, the better choice she is for you. If she doesn’t have them, she cannot be the right woman for you. And then, lastly, she should also have minimal unhealed scars and baggage and share many of your most important values.

When it comes to choosing to be with a woman in a long-term relationship, especially when it comes to marrying her and signing a legal contract, all women are most definitely NOT the same. Click To Tweet

And here’s the key to all of this for you:  Do NOT allow yourself to be blinded by your own high interest in a woman either way… Don’t start treating her differently than any other woman when it comes to attracting her.  Because if you do, you’ll start to lose her at that point. Just stick to the principles that work no matter what so that you can be successful. 

And then, on the other hand, don’t assume she’s great just because you have strong feelings for her. Sit back, wait, see how she reacts to lots of different situations over time, take note of how she treats you, and SEE if she has the qualities we talked about above before you marry her. Because, if you don’t, you’re setting yourself up for BIG trouble down the line ( divorced guys know exactly what I’m talking about)…

 So keep your eyes open no matter how much you “like” or “love” a woman and give yourself at least 2 years from the time you start dating her until the day you marry her so that you know exactly what you’re getting into. That way there won’t be any big surprises later on that end up destroying your relationship and creating chaos in your life. And, if she doesn’t have the qualities necessary for a good long-term relationship, don’t commit to her… Find a way to stop dating her and move on to a woman who does have those qualities no matter how strongly you feel about her and no matter how good-looking she happens to be. 

Are all women the same (are all women “like that”)? Yes and no. And now you can go forward armed with this truth. Be careful out there but try to have fun with this too. Otherwise, it’s not worth it.

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